Business Messaging System

The Business Messaging System (BMS) is a mobile facility used by Mulonga Water Company to communicate to its registered customer via text messages using a special short code number 4466. Customers can also use the BMS to log in complaints. All messages sent by our customers using the short code number are chargeable according to existing and respectively mobile service provider tariffs. Our customers are encouraged to use this facility as it can save them a lot of time in times when reporting faults as there would be no need to walk to our service centers to log in a complaint. Also all customers that are registered on BMS are promptly updated with information of water interruptions, in their affected areas. In order to register, customers are required to send their account number to 4466 as in the example below. Eg. Account No 1-101-000555, RESIDING IN CHIKOLA would send (mwsc space Account No space residential Area) to 4466 as seen below Mwsc 110100055 Chikola to 4466 Note: The cost of the SMS is 65 ngwee.