Meter Testing

Mulonga water Supply and Sanitation Company Limited regards meters as a Capital item, very expensive and require continuous maintenance.

In order for the Company to implement its commercial policy on meters, the Company under  National Water Supply and Sanitation (NWASCO) guide lines has come up with a solution on how to ensure that meters are in good state of operation at all time to the satisfaction of our clients and the Company. The process of ensuring that water meters are in good state of operation at all times is called Meter Testing.

Meter testing is the process of ensuring that all water meters that are supplied to our clients are calibrated with the accuracy ranging from + /-2.0 %.


Once our customers registers a complaint on the accuracy of the meter, Customer Relations Assistants (CRA) advise the customer to pay for meter testing. The meter testing fee is K50.00. If a meter is faulty, the customer will be refunded the fee and the bill adjusted according to the meter testing percentage error. This adjustment shall be effective from the time the meter testing fee was paid. However, if the meter upon investigations is found to be in good working condition, the customer will forfeit the meter testing fee of K50.00.